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Some recent purchases

Over the last few months I have bought perhaps 30 collections, and in the process met with some very interesting people, almost all with stories about themselves and their books. One of the great pleasures of my job is to hear these stories and get to know a little of the person behind the collection. And of course bibliophiles are invariably delightful. 

I mention just a couple of the collections below because they included some of the rarer items I purchased, but there were many more just as noteworthy in their own way.

The Mesopotamian Campaign is one of The Great War's lesser known theatres. I was lucky enough to buy a small but fascinating collection of books from David Gunn who had used them in researching his book 'Sailor in the Desert'. It tells the story of his own father's exploits during the campaign where he served in the Royal Navy.

These are a few of the books I bought:

Offical History of The War: Mesopotamia Campaign 1914-1918

Loyalties Mesopotamia 1914-1917 A Personal and Historical Record

My Campaign in Mesopotamia

The Life of Sir Stanley Maude

Sticking to a similar theme, that of the lands of Arabia and the Middle East, I bought a number of wonderful travelogues and histories that will be of interest to any collector of works concerning the region. They include, from a collection about 30 books:

The Arab of the Desert  

Kuwait and Her Neighbours

Arabia Felix: Across the Empty Quarter of Arabia

Please contact me for more information about these and other collections.